• what3words

    Photo by Spiritual Angels


    When exploring new places, it can be easy to get lost - street addresses can be inconsistent and confusing, pins on maps appear in the middle of the buildings making the entrance difficult to find and many of the best places to visit like beaches, parks or points of interest simply don’t have an address at all. That’s why we’re now using what3words to make our properties easy to find.

    What is what3words?

    what3words is a simple way to talk about precise locations. It has divided the world into 3m squares and given each a unique 3 word address - so you can refer to any location with just 3 words. This makes the precise entrance to a cafe or the best viewpoint for an amazing waterfall, incredibly easy to find. For example, the 3 word address for the exact entrance to Cornish Riviera's office can be found at ///booth.unloads.frizz

    Photo by Benjamin Elliott
    Photo by Simon Godfrey

    How to use what3words

    You will be provided on your check in information the 3 word addresses in the form ///word.word.word. To find this place easily, you can either click on the link or download the free what3words app and enter the 3 words into the search bar. To navigate press the directions arrow in the app and using your preferred app (e.g. Google Maps, Waze, Citymapper) to travel to that precise point.

    The what3words app works offline so you can still enter 3 words and find the exact location even without a connection.