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    Cottages for couples

    Romantic Getaways in Cornwall

    For couples looking to go on holiday together, you can celebrate your love in the charming comfort of St Ives, a gorgeous paradise on the coast of Cornwall that affords you all the romance of the sea as well as the charming and traditional architecture borne over from St Ives’ past.

    There are no shortage of activities to do in St Ives to keep your honeymoon or romantic trip exciting, whether you’re looking for the adventure of a boat trip or the quiet romance of a walk along the cliffs or through one of St Ives’ fascinating galleries.

    Romantic trips to St Ives are perfect for any couple, whether you are on your honeymoon or not, providing the perfect escape from life and giving you a chance to unwind and try something new together.

    Romantic Holiday Cottages in Cornwall

    At Cornish Riviera, we offer a number of cottages that are perfect for two, giving you intimacy and privacy on your romantic getaway - with room for the dog as well if you have one! Our cottages are all with self-catering, making them the perfect choice for quiet, romantic nights in.

    Our cottages often come in premium locations with gorgeous views of the Harbour or the beach so you can wake up to stunning views every morning that are guaranteed to put you in a romantic mood and set a positive tone for the day ahead. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a view that isn’t stunning with all of our cottages and apartments celebrating the picturesque scenery of St Ives.

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