• Let your Property

    At Cornish Riviera Holidays, we’re always welcoming to homeowners in St Ives who are thinking of putting up their properties to rent as holiday homes.

    Whether you already own a home in St Ives or are a prospective buyer and would like to know all the technical ins and outs of renting out as a holiday let, you can talk to us to get the process started. You can drop us a call, email us or pop into our offices in person and we can talk about how to get the process started.

    We will appraise your property, giving you a realistic idea of how much you can earn for your property in the rental year and give you hands-on assistance with getting your property ready for your new venture.

    You can take advantage of our full letting and management service if you want to relieve yourself of any potential stress and let us handle everything or we can simply be letting agents and allow you to retain control. Whatever you’re most comfortable with, we’re here to help you in any way we can.

    So why not contact us today to discuss about letting your property?

    Benefits of Letting With Us

    Beach in St Ives

    Support the Local Community

    Holiday homes allow guests to be more involved in the community, often staying right in the heart of town. Letting out a holiday home allows you to give back to the town and celebrate local businesses.

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    Stress Free Management

    Control how much responsibility you take in the management of the property, putting yourself first and letting us pick up the slack to keep the letting service smooth without stressing yourself out.

    late availability st ives cornwall

    Use the Property as a Holiday Home Yourself

    Having a holiday home in St Ives can offer you your own personal escape with you have a primary home somewhere else, giving you a chance to unwind and take a break to recharge while enjoying the local area.

    The Perks You’ll Receive When You Let With Us

    A Hands on Management Service

    Helping you with the process of letting and managing the property, keeping it clean and well-maintained and giving you all the letting advice you need.

    Premium Holiday Location

    Great holidays for you or the guests renting your property, ensuring you can always relax and make the most of your time on the coast.

    Additional Income

    Renting a holiday home can earn you some extra money and prove to be a profitable venture, especially during half term and holiday seasons.

    Networking Opportunities

    Renting out your property with us as a holiday home can put you in touch with the wider holiday letting industry as well as bringing in repeat guests, helping you to build connections and enhance your experience in the rental business.

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