• Bookings for Next Year

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    Bookings for next year

    Following feedback from both guests and owners, we no longer offer a Priority Rebooking Service. Don’t worry though, the majority of properties now participate in a Loyalty Scheme. Details of this loyalty scheme (if the property participates) will be emailed to you shortly after your departure and there will be a voucher code that you can present when re-booking for next year.

    See below for some FAQs

    Here are some FAQs

    Q. Does the voucher code apply to short breaks?

    A. The voucher code is valid for stays between 7 and 28 nights only.

    Q. Can I use the voucher code to book a different property?

    A. The voucher code is only valid for the same property you stayed in. We’re afraid that it is not transferable between properties.

    Q. Do I have to book the same dates to use my voucher code?

    A. No! All available dates are up for grabs – just choose the date that you want and apply the voucher code.

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    Q. Can I apply the voucher code retrospectively? 

    A. Sorry but no. The voucher code must be presented at the time of booking. 

    Q. The rentals haven’t been announced for the following year, can I book the property? 

    A. If the rentals have not yet been announced, you can still reserve a property on provisional basis (no money required) and once rentals are released, we will write to ask if you would like to confirm your booking and pay your deposit. You will be given 14 days to confirm your booking.

    Further FAQs

    Q. I’m not able to book next year, can I pass the voucher to a friend who wishes to book the property?

    A. Sorry, the voucher code is only valid to the lead guest who must use the voucher within 6 weeks of departure. We do reserve the right to remove the voucher code from any booking where it is no longer is valid.

    Q. I have booked for next year and the following year, too. Unfortunately, something has come up where I have to cancel next year’s booking. What happens to the following year’s discount?

    A. The voucher code can only be applied to consecutive years. In this instance, we’re afraid that the following year’s discount would be removed.

    Q. I’ve noticed that I haven’t been provided with a voucher code shortly after my departure, why?

    A. Ah, this is because the property owner does not participate in the loyalty scheme.

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    Terms on voucher codes

    1. Voucher code is only valid to the lead guest, for the same property and for a holiday to be taken in the following consecutive year – any dates .

    2. The voucher code cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.

    3. The voucher code is only valid for stays between 7 and 28 nights.

    4. The voucher code cannot be transferred to another guest.

    5. The voucher code cannot be transferred to another property.

    6. Mis-use of the voucher code will make the code void and the rental will revert back to full price.

    7. This loyalty scheme can be withdrawn at any time. 

    8. These terms can be modified at any time without warning.

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