• Properties for Autumn Breaks in St Ives

    Cornish Riviera Holidays offers a wide selection of properties for Autumn Breaks.

    Cottages for Autumn Breaks

    St Ives in Autumn

    Autumn breaks in St Ives come with their own kind of charm and magic. Take a walk along the coastal paths and drink in the autumnal beauty before returning to St Ives and stopping off at one of our local cafes for a warming drink and a bite to eat.

    Surfing in the Autumn season is highly recommended as well, with stunning ocean views, strong waves and quieter crowds allowing you to really lose yourself in the experience. For the more indoors inclined, the art galleries are always popular allowing you to stay in the warmth and learn a little something about the artistic traditions and lifestyle of the town.

    Stay at St Ives

    Make the most of your autumn break getaway by staying in one of our cottages or apartments, all equipped with the comforts of home and giving you complete freedom over your holiday.

    We offer self catering cottages so that you can eat in privacy and relax completely in a casual setting. We also offer dog-friendly accommodation, parking spaces and sea views with some of our cottages, giving an extra bit of spark to your holiday and making sure you’re never far from the action.