• St Ives gallery

    The benefit of photographing St Ives is that it is so photogenic with any weather, any season, day and night. In our photo gallery below, we have captured a variety of different views around St Ives that we hope inspires you to visit and stay in St Ives. We've also created a 'Downalong Gallery' showcasing beautiful scenes in and around the oldest part of St Ives.

    Whatever you're looking for, St Ives is the perfect place to spend your holiday in. Why not take a look at our 'About St Ives' page where it has an introduction to St Ives. The 'Activities' page highlights possible things to do whilst here. If you love to know the history of the town, take a look at our 'Brief History of St Ives.' St Ives has a large calendar of events throughout the year, and it's worth taking a look at the most popular events listing page. Or are you a foodie, stop by our 'Food and Drink' top picks.

    We've also got a live HD webcam facing the famous view of St Ives Harbour. Perfect to see St Ives wherever you are in the world.

    Why not take a look through our portfolio of self-catering properties?

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