Cornish pasties are a staple of the county, famous worldwide and St Ives has made the most of this iconic piece of Cornish culture, with multiple bakeries and cake shops offering mouthwatering varieties of everyone’s favourite Cornish meal. Are you already want to try some Cornish pasties? Choose your cottage in St Ives and spend your holidays near the sea with delicious pasties.


We’ve compiled a list of some of the best shops for you to visit on your trip to St Ives so you can experience the very best Cornish pasties the county has to offer.

1. The Cornish Bakery St Ives

The Cornish Bakery is a classic shop for selling pasties. The wide variety they sell is guaranteed to please any visitor as well as offering multiple chances for pasty lovers to try something new. 

You can eat in or take out at the Cornish Bakery and they have plenty more on offer besides pasties, catering to every taste and fancy that might seize you as you explore town. Alongside steaming cups of coffee, they also serve tortillas, scones and pizzetta. For those of you looking to explore unique tastes in their pasties, The Cornish Bakery serves everything from Thai chicken to sweet potato and feta. 

Bakery in Cornwall

2. Yellow Canary

Near the Castle Inn, you’ll find the Yellow Canary, a bright and stylish cafe nestled amongst the more traditional landmarks of town. They make deliveries by post and alongside their warming variety of classic pasties, they also serve a wide number of cakes and pastries including a refreshing cream tea, always best enjoyed after a long day of activities. 

They believe in simplicity when it comes to offering their customers quality produce and baked goods and have a strong partnership with Origin Coffee of Helston. If you’re looking for a quiet place to relax with a warm pasty and some of the best coffee in town, then look no further than the Yellow Canary.

3. The Makers

Another local favourite that promises only the best of mouthwatering food, The Makers is an independent bakery that offers a wide variety of cakes and pasties for customers to select from. Their variety of pasties ranges from the traditional steak pasty to a spicy bean vegan pasty, ensuring there’s always something for everyone.

The Makers is on Chapel Street and not too far from the harbour and Porthminster Beach making it the perfect stop to grab one of their beautiful handmade treats on your way to a day at the beach. You’ll be spoilt for choice and there are many hidden gems amongst their wares to keep you coming back for more. 

4. St Ives Bakery

No trip to St Ives is complete without a visit to the St Ives Bakery. They have a penchant for pasties with a variety of fillings guaranteed to warm your stomach and help you to discover unique tastes. Their pasties include lamb n’ mint, steak n’ stilton, chicken and vegetarian, ensuring there’s a pasty for the whole family to try. 

Aside from their showstopping selection of pasties, the St Ives Bakery also serves artisan breads such as sourdough and focaccia as well as a range of sweet treats and baked goods like pain au chocolat, brownies and caramel slices. All their baked goods are lovingly crafted and the aroma of baked goods wafting out onto the street will have your mouth watering in no time. 

5. Sky’s Diner

A hidden gem, Sky’s Diner is a quaint and stylish cafe with an extensive menu designed to brighten your breakfast or lunch out. They have a range of pasties on offer including traditional steak, wholemeal vegan and chicken, bacon and cheese.

All of their food is locally sourced from their famous crab sandwiches to their baguettes and their homemade soup. Whether you want to relax with a cream tea or want to take a sandwich to go on your trip around town, Sky’s Diner is the place to go. 

Where to Stay for the best cornish pasty in St Ives

Because of the sheer choice of bakeries, cafes and cake shops on offer selling pasties, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the best accommodation to give you easy access to your favourite seller. 

A lot of our holiday cottages and apartments are situated in the heart of St Ives, making it easier than ever to explore the eateries in St Ives and find the perfect bakery that suits your tastes. 

Sea Pebble puts you only a few minutes away from the Harbour and some of the best bakeries and cafes in town while Step ‘N’ Sea is right beside the town centre. Both properties are near beaches, giving you the opportunity to explore scenic coastal views while you enjoy your chosen pasty. 

23) Sea Pebble

Morvah has stunning views out along the Harbour and is just a few minutes walk from the heart of the town. It’s a prime location for families to be able to book, allowing you to explore the bakeries together and find something that suits everyone. 

45) Morvah

There’s no better place in Cornwall to enjoy a pasty than St Ives. With stunning views and plenty of charming character, enjoying a pasty here will help to give you the full and authentic Cornish experience.