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Letting your property

If you already own a property in St Ives or if you are considering buying one and would like to know how to let it as a holiday home, we would be very happy to help you. Just pop in to our office in St Ives for a chat or phone/email us. We would be delighted to offer you advice on letting your property and can even give you a good idea of the letting potential of a property that you haven’t yet bought.

Once we have viewed your property, we will give you a full property appraisal and will send you a realistic feasibility for the rental year. We would then be on hand to offer any advice and help with setting your property up for letting. We offer a full letting and management service or can act as letting agents alone. With our full letting and management service, you can be getting on with your own life and leave all the rest to us.

So why not contact us today to discuss about letting your property? 

01736 797891

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